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NEW Forehead Thermometers and Key Worker Discounts from TME

juil. 16 2020

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NEW Forehead Thermometers and Key Worker Discounts from TME

Date : 16 juillet 2020 15:37

TME is helping businesses get back to work with a new range of contactless infra-red forehead thermometers.

Tom Sensier MD: “We have secured good stocks of non-contact forehead thermometers with next day availability. We hope this will go some way to helping businesses manage their covid-secure operations, especially in high risk occupations and for key workers.”

Covid Secure Thermometers
TME’s infrared health thermometers are fully certified, suitable for use in the workplace, home and school – ideal for spotting high body temperature related to Covid-19 Infection.

The fast-response, easy to use device is suitable for both adults and children. Features include
  • instant indication of temperatures outside of ‘normal’ limits,
  • 1 second response time 
  • automatic power off
  • instructions and batteries are included
Key Worker Discounts
TME also continues to assist businesses with our COVID-19 Keyworker and Essential Services Discount Codes including up to 40% discounts on all products. Eligible organisations include the NHS, Care Providers, Food Manufacturers and other essential services. Visit for full details.
TME manufactures and supplies a full range of temperature test and measurement equipment for all uses via its online shop at or by contacting the sales team direct on 01903 700651

“We are a proud to be a British family business with over 25 years’ experience, manufacturing and supplying quality, high accuracy temperature test and monitoring equipment for all industries in the UK and for export worldwide.”

TME When temperature matters
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See TME’s NEW Legionella Water Safety Products at Healthcare Estates 2019

oct. 8 2019

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See TME’s NEW Legionella Water Safety Products at Healthcare Estates 2019

Date : 8 octobre 2019 07:45

Lieu : Stand D52 Healthcare Estates Exhibition & Conference 8-9 October at Manchester Central

After the outstanding success of its TC Wall Port System at Healthcare Estates 2018, TM Electronics UK Ltd (TME) returns in 2019 with further additions to its water safety range.
TC Wall Ports offer a practical, low cost method of ACoPL8 temperature testing for legionella risk management by using fine-wire sensors to remotely access concealed TMVs, pipes and overhead tanks. Delivering instant, accurate results from up to 20 metres away, it allows temperatures to be taken without the need to remove cosmetic panelling or to work at height.

NEW Double TC Wall Port
Responding to requests from last year’s visitors, TME has developed a Double Wall Port with two thermocouple inputs for monitoring unblended water. The double port is supplied with integral sensors which are left in place, taped to the surface of hot and cold water pipes. As with single ports, used to monitor TMVs, the fine wires are then run from behind the panel to the wall port.

Tom Sensier, TM Electronics MD “Exhibiting at Healthcare Estates is a great opportunity to get direct feedback from the water safety engineers and estate managers using our thermometers and probes. Every time we get requests to develop new solutions, and this year, I’m proud to be showcasing at least one of these – our NEW Double TC Wall Ports for simplified legionella risk management.”
Proof of Flushing
Each wall port, measuring just 52 x 52 mm is recessed to take a barcode label. When used in conjunction with TME’s MM7000-2D Bar Code Scanning Thermometer, this solution can deliver not only paperless temperature recording but also proof of flushing using a barcode.

Data Logging
TME now offers compatible thermocouple data loggers making TC Wall Ports suitable for low cost continuous monitoring and temperature profiling - not just of water but also room temperatures. 

Practical Uses
Already being installed in hospitals, care homes and schools across the UK, TC Wall Ports are ideal for routine temperature spot checks or analysis, complementing an existing BMS; when no BMS is in place; or in satellite locations. For very vulnerable settings, additional safety adaptations are available.
Most popular products in TME’s Water Safety Range include:
  • MM2008 Thermometer/Timer with in-built 1 and 2 minute countdown buttons
  • KS20-S Dual Purpose Surface/Immersion Probe for pipe surfaces AND running water
  • FMK2 Facilities Management Kit with thermometer, probe and holster
  • KM08 Long length shower probe with in-built water collection cup       
+44 (0)1903 700651                
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Low Cost Test Solution for Unblended Hot and Cold Water Pipes

juin 19 2019

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Low Cost Test Solution for Unblended Hot and Cold Water Pipes

Date : 19 juin 2019 15:30

TME’s Double TC Wall Port is a NEW test accessory for simplifying test and monitoring of unblended hot and cold water temperatures for legionella risk management.
TME’s TC Wall Port System already provides a low cost solution for connecting fine-wire temperature sensors/probes to concealed TMVs, crowded calorifier pipes and overhead tanks. The Double Port is a new addition to the system, connecting two pipes from one location to facilitate remote tests on unblended hot and cold water pipes.

How does it work?
The Double TC Wall Port is the same compact size as the single (52 x 52 mm) but houses two thermocouple connection points instead of one, wired to a choice of lengths up to a maximum of 20 meters. Attach the sensors to hot and cold feed pipes and leave them in place. Ongoing tests are easily taken by plugging a thermometer into the wall port without needing to access the pipes directly, delivering an instant, accurate result every time.
Low Cost Simplicity
At just £16 for a single wall port or £22.50 for a 1 meter double, installation can be achieved from under £25 per water point, leaving a fast, affordable testing method permanently in place.
Will my existing thermometer be compatible?
Any thermocouple input thermometer is compatible but TME recommends its MM2000 or MM2008 with a single plug to plug cable (only one required).
Paperless Recording Option
For paperless recording, the TC Wall Port System is compatible with TME’s unique MM7000-2D Barcode Scanning Thermometer.
24 Hour Monitoring
TME also supplies TC wall Port compatible WiFi Data Loggers with single or double thermocouple TMELOG1250 or TMELOG1210 offering continuous temperature profiling with email and text alerts plus optional cloud data storage.
About TM Electronics
TME is a UK manufacturing company with more than 25 years’ experience, supplying thermometers and temperature sensors for all uses but especially Legionella Risk Management and Food Safety.
TME When temperature matters                   +44 (0)1903 700651       
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Radisson Blu adopt MM7000 Combined Temperature Monitoring System

févr. 11 2019

Communiqué de presse

Radisson Blu adopt MM7000 Combined Temperature Monitoring System

Date : 11 février 2019 00:00

Upscale hotel chain Radisson Blu, has rolled out TME’s MM7000 Combined Temperature Monitoring System at 12 of its London hotel restaurants.
“Now we can track all temperatures from one location: daily spot checks and 24 hour monitoring. All records feed into one system so it’s much easier to keep on top of everything,” says Radisson Blu Central Maintenance Manager, Imtaiz Ahamed. “We can resolve food safety issues more efficiently too; alarms in each kitchen ensure chefs knows immediately when there’s a problem - like a fridge door left open - plus we get text warnings off-site so staff can be alerted remotely too.”

MD, Tom Sensier: “Our paperless system records not only the date and time of every temperature test but also the exact identity and location - whatever and wherever it is. Pair this with a powerful network of radio transmitters and fixed sensors and you have the ultimate in temperature due diligence.”

Imagine instantly recording the temperature of everything in your kitchen: fridges, freezers, ovens, food deliveries - even an individual burger or plated meal - all in a flash: no need to write anything down or key in data, just scan a barcode and move on. Add to this, the knowledge you will receive instant alerts to out of temperature events across multiple sites, and you begin to see the potential.
The MM7000 System offers integrated paperless spot checks AND 24 hour monitoring, pairing handheld barcode scanning thermometers with fixed wireless radio monitors. Results are tracked remotely across a number of sites, with problem temperatures communicated via Bluetooth or radio signal both on-site and off-site via on-screen prompts, audio visual alarms, text and email.

How does the system compare?
Other paperless recorders still rely on screen input, increasing time, cost and the potential for human error. Plus their pre-set menus don’t offer the flexibility of personalised barcodes. Barcodes are universal, free and easy to produce, and can include high/low alarms and onscreen prompts. Unlike others, TME’s MM7000 Bluetooth Barcode thermometers also record with or without Wi-Fi connection.

What about versatility?
Open source software and compatibility with commonly used office database systems makes the system easy to manage and integrate. Its modular approach, involving interchangeable temperature probes, is suitable for all commercial kitchen applications – from sous vide cooking and regeneration to cold store monitoring and goods-in.

Is the system affordable?
Depending on operation size, costs per site can be as low as £450 for a fully integrated system.

Want to know more?

Want TME to contact you with more information?
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TME showcase NEW Legionella Data Integrity System at Healthcare Estates 2018 Manchester Central 9-10 October

oct. 9 2018

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TME showcase NEW Legionella Data Integrity System at Healthcare Estates 2018 Manchester Central 9-10 October

Date : 9 octobre 2018 07:45

Lieu : Manchester Central Convention Complex

TME exhibits specialist solutions to improve NHS legionella risk management operations at Healthcare Estates 2018.

UK thermometer manufacturer, TME, returns to Healthcare Estates 2018 for the third year in a row, with exciting news about the way UK hospitals are using its specialist legionella solutions to improve the data integrity of their legionella risk management operations. 

MD, Tom Sensier, says: “This year we’re showcasing new methods for improving data integrity, using a combination of innovative barcode scanning thermometers and low-cost fixed thermocouple monitoring points to deliver detailed paperless temperature logs for every location across an entire estate – right down to the last sentinel point.”

TME’s MM7000-2D Barcode Scanning Thermometer records not only temperature, time and date but also the exact identity of each location, by scanning its unique barcode. This paperless approach eliminates human recording errors, and providing an accurate audit-ready temperature log for every fixed water asset - calorifier, tap, shower, water tank etc.

TME’s TCWALLPORT is a low-cost, wall-mounted thermocouple monitoring point designed for recording the temperatures of hard to reach water assets eg awkwardly situated calorifier feed and return pipes, boxed-in taps and showers, and high-level storage tanks. Combined with a high accuracy thermometer from any of TME’s MM range, the system produces an instant temperature reading from up to 20 metres away.

Tom Sensier: “We have seen a big take-up of this equipment across a number of Trusts and FM companies, with a growing number of hospitals opting to introduce the fully paperless combined system for ultimate due diligence on ACOP L8.”

TME Legionella Range
IHEEM members regularly ask TME for new solutions to speed up and simplify legionella temperature testing. Other innovative solutions include: 
MM2008 Water Thermometer with integral 1&2 minute timer for hot/cold water tests; 
KS20-S Dual Purpose Surface/Immersion Probe for both pipes and running water tests; 
KM08 Shower Probe with inbuilt collection ‘cup’ for simultaneous temperature sensing.

“Our aim at TME is to offer systems and equipment specifically designed to get the job done faster, more efficiently and with accurate results you can rely on.”

TME When temperature matters

+44 (0)1903 700651
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